"I experienced almost complete relief from my physical symptoms within about 36 hours of our visit..."  -K.B. of Santa Barbara, CA

"You unlocked a big lump of pain in back of my heart and it changed my life!" - J. of Paradise, CA

"You helped me both with the physical pain and with the strugglings of the spirit."  - D.F. of Clearwater, FL

"I feel so much better! Your work helped me make a quick and dramatic turnaround. Thanks for your healing gifts."  - D.C. of Chico, CA

"You make me laugh so much, I forget why I needed you exactly.  I feel so much better!  Thank you, thank you, thanks!"  - M.B. of Chico, CA

"You are really, really a fantastic instructor.  That is largely because you aren't full of yourself and you're painfully honest and genuinely interested in having us "get it."L.D. of Chico, CA

How would this work for me?

  If you have had a trauma, especially if it involves a brain injury, your body will have been thrown around enough to cause many conditions. Most people know that when you have a head injury resulting in a concussion your brain sloshes inside the skull and gets bruised. This can cause pressure in the skull which affects the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain. With reduced circulation you might have symptoms such as; headache, loss of mental focus or clarity, inability to multitask, loss of balance, loss of hearing or visual acuity, emotional flair-ups, decreased language abilities, disrupted sleep, grinding of teeth, or just a general feeling like being hung over all the time. By getting the circulation of the brain and spine working better many of these symptoms lessen and become responsive to other therapies (such as speech therapy, etc).

  What often gets overlooked is that other parts of your body may have sloshed just as much as your brain. Modern medicine generally forgets that the internal organs can get "sprained" too. They are supported by ligaments in the chest and abdomen. When they are forcibly shaken by an injury they can develop patterns of movement which reduce circulation and function of the organ. These dysfunctions don't usually result in acute pain. Generally they create chronic referred pains to the neck, shoulders, back and hips. These are the kinds of aches and tight spots which send people to massage and chiropractic over and over again with only temporary relief. Or they can produce conditions such as; gastric reflux disease, shortness of breath, anxiety syndromes, interrupted sleep, tight jaw and teeth grinding (or TMJ), loss of bowel regularity, increased menstrual pain, irregular menses, just to name a few.

  The net of connective tissue called fascia weaves throughout your body. It links and supports all the organs. Every change in tension also causes changes in the electrical conductivity of the tissues which effect nerve signals that pass through that part of the body. The body's first priority is to protect the internal organs so it will tighten muscles and change your posture just to relieve the pressure around the organs even if it means that the spine and other muscle systems have to adopt some uncomfortable positions.

  Visceral manipulation is a gentle method of restoring proper movement and ligament tone to the internal organs. It helps circulation to the organs and reduces the nerve signals which are causing the referred pains. I frequently see chronic back problems clear in one or two sessions with visceral manipulation. Many cases of TMJ and head pain have resolved after restoring balanced function to the pelvic organs. You may also find that chronic back trouble spots hold a chiropractic adjustment easier and finally begin to heal and stabilize.

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